Sunday, November 05, 2006


Today was very interesting. Our dad had an early-morning meeting at church (at 9 am) so me and Tashi went with him and waited for an hour. I'm sorry to say, but the church started to smell like cat pee after a while, before anybody got there. It was so bad. You could smell it everywhere you went. Even when people got there, they acted like they couldn't smell it though. Woe unto me because I have sensitive nose-buds! The Stake President came and gave a spiritual testimony. I love his talks. He talked about how we should go to activities not for us, but for other people. We shouldn't go, "This activity isn't meant for me. I already learned/know about that. I'm okay." He said he'd watch our movie, but I wonder if he ever did. Oh yes, and I wouldn't have remembered it was fast sunday, but Maika emailed me and reminded me. Thank you! We had Seminary after church, and when we were done, everybody had left without us for the baptisms! So we drove to Koiwa as fast as we could (I went in the Nanjos car while Tash and Dad went home to make dinner). Mina Y. and Bro. Shuu were baptised today. It was good, but really long. I don't think I would have made it if they didn't have those refreshments at the end. The Kawaminami's drove me home and soon after that the Nanjos came for dinner. We had so much fun playing the paper-version of the telephone game. We mixed English and Japanese so it was super funny! For dessery we had cheescake with crushed oreos on top. After seeing the new Koiwa building, and Matsudo ward, I want a new building for us!
It's so boring at home during the day while dad is at work and we're supposed to be doing our schoolwork. BORING I tell you.
I want dad to work at home more. Can't wait for this week's Mutual! See you then, Nanjos! I love you guys! You made today fun for me!

I know that Halloween's over, but this looked so yummy!


tashtash said...

Dad was gonna work at home today, but he had to interview someone "While the blew smoke in his face".

My name is Lexi said...

funny haha

maika said...

It was very HAPPY DAY!!!
The Stake President came our ward.
And I could atend 2people's baptisms.
And we had a delicious dinner and a fun time!
Thank you very much!!!!!
We love you, too!!

My name is Lexi said...

We had fun because you came over!