Thursday, November 09, 2006

Like the most boring Friday ever!

Nothing much today. I just heard that my mom might be staying in the US 'til Christmas, because she will get to relax (she won't have to do housework and stuff). But I don't know if I can handle it much longer. I've been able to have lots of quality time with dad, and we're tighter than ever, but with out the other 3 1/2 members of our family, it's very lonely and empty. Too quiet. Our live feels like it has less meaning. We need them back!
Tashi went and baby-sat for the Welches. She got 2000 yen. No fair!
We watched Legally Blonde tonight with Dad for the first time. It was okay.
Oh! we missed Hannah Montana tonight!!!!!!!!! Boo-hoo!
Kuyashii!!! (I used that Japanese word because there wasn't the right English word to describe how I feel) We need to watch it tomorrow!!!!

I have nothing else interesting enough to say, so I will post Aly & AJ stuff.
Aly & AJ is an American pop rock/ Christian pop duo consisting of sisters Alyson Renae "Aly" Michalka and Amanda Joy "AJ" Michalka. They were born in Torrance, California, but spent part of their childhood in Seattle, Washington. They are actresses and singer-songwriters from Disney Channel.

when they were younger


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