Monday, November 27, 2006


I finished reading The Chosen!! (See to-do list)

Saturday was our Young Womens in Exellence. We did a slideshow of activities we'd had throughout the year. And at the end, we showed pictures of when we were little. The Nanjo kids were so cute!!! We went shopping on the way home for food for our get-together the next day.

Sunday we had Bishop & Youth Council. We talked about Youth Conference and talked about mutual activities we wanted to do next year. Then we went home and cooked dinner for the Single Adults from the ward that were coming over in the evening. Dad spent like all afternoon cooking this chicken tetrazzini except he used leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. It turned out right and was a big hit! People were begging for the recipie. Luckily, the Nanjo girls came and we had so much fun playing Twister, practicing our Ok!go dance, and showing it off to everyone. Ok!go is so fun! The Nanjo girls are my kindred spirits. <3> Oh, and after we danced, the nanjo girls, and me and Tashi took cookies over to the Miuras house. It was raining, and we walked there, but we had so much fun. We were like singing and dancing the whole way there and back. Oh, and we kept taking pictures on Ribeka's camera:

Tashi, me, Maika, Ribeka, and Mana (the Nanjo girls)

Tashi, me, Maika, Ribeka, and Mana (the Nanjo girls)

Tashi, me, Maika, Ribeka, and Mana (the Nanjo girls)

Chihiro, Nisa, Asami, and dad

I luv Twister <3

Maika and me - we don't always look like this!

Maika and me looking retarded

Tashi, Ribeka, and Maika being freaky

Maika and Mana acting like nerds

My Xanga site is a big hit - 90 subscribers!!! Check it out! It's in my links.

Today me and Tash just stayed home today doing schoolwork.

Mom, Mia, and Noah are coming home tomorrow! Yay yay!


yuli said...

heyyyyyy lexxxxxiiii love da picsss soooo cute!!!!lolz!!!miss ya much!!!

DAN said...


maika said...

I was sooo excited!!!!
We are cute,aren't we?! 笑
I love "HENGAO"!!!


My name is Lexi said...

To Yuli: Heyyyyyyy Yulllllllliiiii!
Thanks! I totally miss you too. How's school?

To Dan: NaNjO家は最高だから!!!一緒にいると、笑いがとまらない!!!

To Maika: Yes, we are very cute =]
I couldn:t live without hengao!!!