Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sick, sick go away, come again another day!

First of all, it's Mana's 18th birthday today!!
Hip hip hooray! Everyone go to her blog and wish her a happy birthday! Click here to got to her blog.
Happy Birthday to you!

I've been sick since Tuesday morning. Aaaaarrrrggggghhhhh! I was kind of okay on Tuesday morning, but me and Tashi had plans to get together with Yuli and maybe I should have stayed home, because I had a fever that night (the night my parents went to DisneySea) while I was supposed to be babysitting Mia and Noah. I felt a little bit better yesterday (Wedesnday) with my fever going up and down but with the highest only being 99.8. It's really hard to breathe (I'm breathing in and out really slowly, but my pulse is really fast), I feel like my throat is shutting off. I can't talk for very long because I run out of breath, and just getting up to go to the bathroom makes me so short of breath...I feel like I might faint.I thought I would be doing better today, but my fever just went up into the 100s. I can't stand being sick for one thing, I can't stand having to just sit there and rest and do nothing. I get so bored. I feel like I should be doing something, but nothing sounds fun to do."Who cares!" you may say, "people get sick all the time!" But I've got my singing recital this Saturday. My teacher told me to take really good care of myself and to not get sick, and I thought: "I never get sick!" but alas...And I have to be perfectly better on Saturday (considering I can barely talk). I tried practicing my songs but I can only sing a couple words and I'm way out of breath. I know this sounds selfish, but will you pray for me? I don't want to miss my recital!

I've just been eatching romance movies all day like "Emma", "Persuasion", and "Sense and Sensibility" (Jane Austen). And my family went to DisneySea today without me! Waaaah! Well, I guess I would do the same thing to them.

OMG. There was just an earthquake! Scary! I was home by myself too!

Yuli called me today to see how I was doing. Thank you! I love you!

And I hope YoShuya gets better too because I now how he feels (I think we caught the same thing)


maika said...

Are you OK??
I am praying for you.

yuli~** said...

omg you have to get better or eles youll be like real sorry haha....jk lolz...well ya im not mormen but ill pray to you form each greek god ha ha..zues,athena,i dont remeber the rest,etc etc ya get better k!!!! ill cry if ta dont (ToT)

My name is Lexi said...

Maika: Thank you for praying for me. I'm doing a lot better today! I don't have a fever. So I should be better tomorrow. I love you! By the way, your English is really good!

Yuli: Everybody has been totally worried about me because I'm sick. It's really nice LOL. Even though you're not a Mormon, thanks for the thought of praying! You don't have to cry, because I'm almost better! Haha