Friday, August 18, 2006


Crazy weekend. It was pretty bad I tell you. Tashi and my mom left for Yuli's family's cottage out on Kujukurihama beach Friday afternoon, and won't get back until tonight. Me and my dad have had to babysit Mia and Noah through this super busy weekend of church stuff. Saturday was Mikako's shower party at the church, and her finace and his parents flew in from Utah just for it. It would have been a great party...if Mia and Noah wouldn't have been there. They're feeling insecure because Mom's gone, and they're totally acting up. They were so embarassing! And then the cheap restaraunt we went out to made us all feel sick. And the lemon bars that I made for Mikako's shower party didn't work out. (And mind you, this party was after I slept over at the Vilburns...)
Seminary was at 9:00 AM, and we had to get Mia and Noah ready. And I really felt the spirit at Shosho's baptism today, but again it would have been better if Mia and Noah hadn't gone. My dad's about to break down. Mom and Tashi had better have had a really good time! We need them back NOW!


Grandma Stout said...

How did Tashi and Your mom rate a weekend alone at a cottage? Sounds like a dream. It's good that your dad had you to help with the kids. It sure does make you appreciate your mom more doesn't it? Was the shower for the girl who was supposed to be married in the Manti Temple last June?

My name is Lexi said...

Our friends have been asking us to go to theircottage for years, and we always said no because we had something going on...but this time we decided to go even though we had a weekend full of stuff. we figured some of us should stay to support the marriage and baptism, and Mia and Noah wouldn't have been good there. Yes, the shower was for teh firl who was supposed to get married in June.