Sunday, August 13, 2006

Power outage!

The Power went out! I woke up and my fan was off. I thought someone unplugged it as a prank,but I went downstairs and everything was off! That meant we couldn't watch TV, have a warm shower, open our fridge, use the computer, play our piano, use the air conditioner, electric fans, and was pretty scary. The power never goes out in our city...but somebody might have done it to commit a crime because helicopters have been circling over our city forever.It made me realize how many things we own use electricity. I realized we weren't prepared at all!


Grandma Stout said...

We are very spoiled having electricity. One winter we were without electricity for two days and nights. It was very cold and candles just didn't cut it--They are very hard to get enough light with. I couldn't wash or curl my hair. It was awful.

My name is Lexi said...


yuli~** said...

that is why you pack alot of bateries and carry flash lights and a canopener and some can food thats the trick lolz