Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I almost died?

I just found out this story about me. I've been going walking in the evenings with my dad, and we've been talking. He told me this story about myself that I'd never heard before. He said that up until I was 3 years old I was always sick, and I was just very fragile and weak. And sometimes my mom would find me talking to nobody. I talked early, and I was a chatterbox so my mom didn't really think anything of it.
But one day I was playing in my bedroom with Tashi, and I came running out to my mom and said:"I don't want to go up to heaven. I choose to stay with you and daddy. I love you!". I hugged my mom, and ran back into my room to play.
I don't remember this at all, and I had never heard it before. But when my dad told it to me, I just started crying for no reason. Weird huh? My dad says he thinks that I chose to live because I have to do something special before I die. He thinks I'm meant to help people. And he's always felt that I was very special right from the beginning. I know, I know - every dad says stuff like that. But when he was saying this, it didn't sound like he was just trying to boost my self esteem. It sounded like I really had to do something special in my life. And them not telling me about that story...it's all a little weird...I don't know what to think now.


emilopida said...

I remember your Dad saying stuff like that about you. He knew and still does that you are an extra special spirit!

My name is Lexi said...

I feel kind of mixed up about this. Everyone is a special spirit! But if I did have something speical I'm supposed to do, I have no idea what it is!! I didn't even know that I talked to spirits(?) or whatever...I'm weirded out...