Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Busy Wednesdays!

Wednesdays are busy for me! I have to teach English, and go to singing lessons. And yesterday I went to an Obon-odori in our city. Mom was really enjoying it because it took her back to when she was an exchange student in Osaka, when she was 16. But Tashi is such a home-body, and never goes anywhere, so the whole time she just whined to go home. So in other words my mom went because of the dance, and she enjoyed it, I went for the booths, and Tashi didn't go for anthing and didn't have any fun. I bought shaved ice, because that's something you definately need to buy when you go to a Japanese festival. But I sware they diluted the juice or something. I couldn't even taste it. Aaarrggghhh! Yuli's coming today! Yay!!!

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yuli~** said...

hey hey you go to singinf lessons!!thats awsome!! and your mom was a exchange student in osaka when she was 16!!thats cool!! sounds like you had fun at the fetival thats good too bad tashi didnt.. but maybe she would next time..cute site love it!!