Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm about to barf

OMG. Another crazy weekend. Gone all Saturday and Sunday with no sleep type of a weekend. I won't go into it deeply, but I just have to say I don't feel very good. Tomorrow I'm going to get my DisneySea year pass. I've been saving up forever.

Interesting facts I've learned about my friends this week:

  • Shunichiro's "Shall we dance?" to Ribeka at the church acitivty. The way he said was so funny!
  • And supposedly Sister Beck wants to marry a guy version of herself.
  • Oh, and the Vilburns named their son Justin.
  • Mana won 2nd place on her English speech contest at school.

There's another activity at Koiwa this Wednesday. I wish more of them were at Kasai though.

Here's the Pirates of the Carbbean theme song (the _ _ _ _ _kun dances to):


mana said...

I wanted to see -----kun's dance!!:)

maika said...

I love the Pirates of the Carbbean's(-----kun's)theme song!!

My name is Lexi said...

Me too! It definately was crazy!

tashtash said...

Me too!