Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Girls Camp 2006

Gotta say we had a pretty good camp this year.

We got to wake up at 4:30 AM to meet the Nanjyos at 5:30 PM to drive for 2 hours to the middle of nowhere in Saitama. We were suppsed to meet the rest of the stake at 9:00 AM, but because we left so early, we got there at 7:30 AM...so we played in the river right there.

And then we had the privilege of taking a hike. A 8K hike...not wait...it ended up being 10K. It was all uphill. I ran out of water, and after hiking uphill for 4 1/2-5 hours, everything in front of me started to look fuzzy, I couldn't breathe, and I really almost passed out once. Girls were dropping left and right...the leaders in front wouldn't take breaks, and they kept telling us we just had to get over "this" hill, but after them telling us that we just had to get over the 5th "this" hill, I just had to keep myself alive. It ends up they took the wrong trail, and it was really meant for "hiking experts". Everyone smelled and looked like a water buffalo after that hike. We have decided that we will only do a 3K hike next year.

The Saitama stake was staying at the same place we were during the same time, and you could obviously tell which stake was which. We died on the hike while they went way ahead of us, we screamed at every bug...yes...it's true. You woke up in the morning with bugs all over your bed and pillow like apola dot pattern. All the girls acted like me and Tashi did when we went to Yellowstone. City girls don't do so well with camping.

And after being woken up 5 times each night because all 20 girls slept in the same tent, and you were so close to the person next to you that everytime they moved you woke up.

Okay, besides all of that, it was really fun. For the spiritual acitvity we wrote letters to President Hinckley (we were told that if we gave the letters to our Stake President, he would be able to get them to President Hinckley). Everyone wrote really spiritual letters. The talent show was really great. My group did a Japanese version of Napoleon Dynamite, and we won 2nd place! We had so much fun making it up...I could go on and on about it. And the testimony meeting was really good!

Being on the Camp Comittee, it was really nice to have all the girls stay for all 3 days. It's really annoying when they come late or leave early because they have almighty "bukatsu"....

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