Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Adventures in the rain with Yuli

It was the weirdest weather yesterday. All of the sudden it would rain so hard you thoguht you were going to be washed out to sea, and then all of the sudden it would stop, and then start again. When Yuli came over we were going to go to Ikspiari, but on the way there were huge puddles a few inches deep! I would walk right through them. Because I like to get dirty sometimes. But Yuli wasn't wearing sandals so she had to do all this funky stuff to get over them. Haha! It was pretty funny. Then on the way home, she thought she had left her picture of David at a store, but it ended up she had it, and then her umbrella closed on her. Me and Tashi couldn't help giggling because she's so cute and funny. I want to go back to Gap because they were having this major sale, and Tshirts were 300 yen!! WOW!


Grandma Stout said...

I love the rain and it sounds like you enjoy it as well. When I was your age and it rained during the night I would stay up as long as I could to hear the raindrops falling and feel the cool that came with the rain. It is a good memory to me. Puddles can be fun too, especially the splashing part.

yuli~** said...

haha very funny!!lolz