Saturday, August 19, 2006

Friend's Blogs

I would just like to avertise my friends blogs!

Maika's Blog: She updates it almost everyday, and she loves to write about what's going on at church. It's in Japanese, but it's really cute and fun. Have a look!

Gloria's Blog: She was my mom's best friend before they moved to Michigan. They still keep in touch with email and Gloria's blog though! I like looking at it because she posts lots of pictures of her family.

Tashi's Blog: My little sister's blog. She mostly posts pictures, but if you have the time check it out!

Yuli's Blog: Yuli's blog is so cute! Her pictures and icons are so random, I love them! Please look!

Mana's Blog: Mana is Maika's older sister. I love how her blog is based on Napoleon Dynamite! It's so funny! It's in Japanese, but i think you won't be able to hold in your laughter once you see the title of her blog.

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maika said...

Thank you!!!