Sunday, August 13, 2006


I just want to talk about my friends and how I am so grateful for them. I went through this stage in 7th grade where my best friend Nagomi moved far away, and I couldn't make any new friends because I wasn't in a "bukatsu". And then I started homeschool, and all the kids my age went to school and had a different schedule so I was never able to get together with any girls. And then, me and Tashi were the only Young Women at church. So I was stuck home with no friends because I did homeschool, and even if I went to school I wouldn't be able to make friends, and there were no Young Women.
But now I have really great friends.
Yuli - She's so sharing, and doesn't ever think of herself. When me and Tashi didn't have our chores done when she came over, she helped us from beginning to end, and almost would have done all of the chores herself if we would have let her. When she was going to come over, she said she was going to wear a mini skirt, but then she realized that it would make us feel uncomfortable, so she wore a longer skirt. And she always apologizes when she swears without thinking. I am so glad that I can have friends who will live up to my standards even though they don't believe in what I do. I love you Yuli! You rock!
Maika - I love the Nanjos! I don't know what I would have done if the Nanjos didn't come into our ward. Maika only thinks about church, and is my role model. She always prays for the youth to become stronger in our stake, and is always working so hard for the church. She's the type of girl who will come to all the church activities no matter what's in the way, and she would be able to bear her testimony about anything at any time. She lifts me up and has made going to church a lot more fun. And who else is there to pull weird faces with me for pictures? I love you Maika! But I love Napoleon Dynamite - but not as mch as you you see, always and forever!


Micaela said...

Hi Lexi! I'm just trying this out. I'm new at this, so let me know if it works! Love you!

Grandma Stout said...

It sounds like you have some very special friends. I would be willing to bet that you are as good a friend to them as they are to you.

Maika said...

Thank you very much!!!
Haha!I love you too Alexa!!!!
...But I love stake kaichou.but not as mcuh as you you see, always and forever!!! LOVE Napoleon Dynamite :D

You are an important person for me.

yuli~** said...

hey hey omg thats like the sweatest thing that anyone has ever said to me im soo like grateful to have a friend like you!!thanks alot!! mwhaz!!ha ha lolz

tashtash said...

Maika ukeru!!!!