Monday, June 03, 2013


We had a fun weekend.

It was over 100 degrees on Saturday and Sunday, so we broke out the tank tops!

I made some progress on a quilt than I've been working on and off since high school. The pattern is called "Kansas Twister" and the blocks are pinwheel hexagons. I'm doing all the piecing by hand. This is my first full aqua block. I have many more to go.

Red block. I love 1930s-40s  reproduction fabrics.

I feed the bebbe, Bear is in charge of bebbe sleeping. I'm always afraid that Lachlan is going to suffocate, but Bear figured out that bebbe sleeps a lot better with his face covered. Especially at church so he doesn't get distracted.

Bear bought waffle bowls for ice cream and was so excited to use them. But they were more like waffle thimbles. He was so disappointed. We fit them into out little tiny garnish bowls. Oh well. At least it's portion control, right?
I made my first roux this weekend. It was really simple, but it made me feel like a gourmet chef. My grandpa loved making them.

And we have an army crawler. It's pathetically funny. That's why you hear me trying not to laugh. I know he'll start getting into things, but Lachlan has been so frustrated. I almost want him to learn to crawl just so he will be happy. So when he started army crawling, I was so excited because it's a step closer to real crawling. 

We also went walking around the mall and went swimming because it was so dang hot! I also made this for Sunday dinner. You can do it on the stove top, not just in the slow cooker. Which I wish I would have done, because I was rushed on time and only did the slow cooker for 5 hours and my vegetables were still a little crunchy. But it tasted great!

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