Monday, June 10, 2013

Sick bebbe

This week, Amanda Snider came to visit and wanted to take 5 month pictures of her baby girl at the Fresno Temple. While we were there hanging out during the photo shoot, she snapped some pictures of Lachlan and I. I am quite impressed. Her blog is here. And her photography blog is here.

This is my favorite.


Lachlan has so many facial expressions.

Lachlan has a low-grade fever today.

I finished the peach block!

Saturday was 109 degrees. I'm a summer-lovin' girl, but that almost killed me. Nothing can survive in heat like that! We also went and saw After Earth. Although it had bad reviews, I enjoyed it. I think it's cool that Will Smith wants to do lots of father-son movies. The plot was pretty linear and there weren't a lot of surprises, but it had a good father-son message and was still packed full of action. I think it is a good family movie, but there were bloody scenes and dead bodies.

The Kansas Twister quilt that I'm hand-piecing was designed by Judie Rothermel. The pattern itself is called "Twister". She saw an antique quilt and adapted it. I love hexagon patterns, and small piecing. The pattern calls for all Aunt Grace prints. I'm just using what vintage reproduction prints I can find. The directions for this quilt are geared toward the hand piecer, but could easily be converted to machine or strip piecing methods. The finished product should be 72" x 96". I could make it bigger, but it's already so time consuming. I will feel so accomplished when I'm done. Heck, even when the quilt top is done!

Lachlan boy has a low-grade fever today. He started fussing last night and was acting tired so we put him to bed earlier than usual and he passed out without a fight. During the night, he slept a lot better than he has been lately. But I noticed that he felt warm. I took his temperature this morning and it was 100.9. So I'm not too worried. I'm just hoping that it's a small virus thing or teething related. He is just so miserable though. He wants to get down to scoot instead of being held. Because it was such a struggle at the beginning to get him to breastfeed, especially while I was going to school, I feel pride in it. But because I was also so busy, Bear held Lachlan a lot more than I did when he was a newborn. So now Bear is better at soothing Lachlan and getting him to go to sleep. Sometimes I wish that I had that magic touch too, especially because mothers are supposed to be nurturing, but I think Bear feels pride in it too. Lachlan needs us both in different ways. So Lachlan is fine with me holding him today, until dad walks into the room. Then he lunges toward Bear, wanting to be held by daddy. Hopefully he kicks this little fever soon!

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Mary said...

Lachlan is such a cute baby!!! I love fat cheeks.