Wednesday, June 05, 2013

2 Years

Yesterday was our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. It's crazy how fast time flies and that we have a baby now. I was hoping to have been graduated by now, but I'm close. It's wonderful to have someone who believes in you. I love him.

Bear is a very good daddy. I had no real doubts before the baby was born, but Bear has been very protective and involved from the first few minutes of Lachlan's life. Even though he doesn't feed the baby because Lachlan is breastfed, Bear has become the expert at putting the baby to sleep. Bear gives me breaks as often as he can and takes the baby a lot in church. When I took Lachlan to his first pediatrician appointments, the doctor kept commenting on how well I was doing. My mom said it was because I was getting so much support and help from Bear. And at church last Sunday, he came in to Relief Society right before it started asking if he wanted me to take Lachlan. An older lady turned to me after he left and commented, "my husband would have never done that for me." I know she was from a different era and now-a-days a lot of dads approach parenthood as more of a partnership with their wives, but it made me all the more grateful for Bear. I can't let myself take him for granted. 

We're going through a rough patch with Lachlan's sleeping. But Bear gets up all night with the baby so that I can sleep (without even having to be asked). And Bear is the one who has to get up and go to work. Even though I'm the stay-at-home mom, I feel like he's the better parent. 

I had fun editing our wedding pictures yesterday waiting for Bear to come home so we could go on our date. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and got cheesecake of course! Bear's team leader Derek, who has a 4-month-old of his own came and sat in our apartment while Lachlan was asleep. Thank you!

In honor of our anniversary, I;m going to post our love story. Stay tuned!

Bear's Oreo cheesecake

My chocolate raspberry mouse cheesecake

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