Friday, June 21, 2013

Kansas Twister Tutorial Part 2

1. Now that you have six triangle+trapeziod pieces, it's time to piece them together. We're going to do this three pieces at a time. At this point, decide which way you want your pinwheels (or "twisters") to face. Mine are going the same direction as the Judie Rothermel ones. But I wasn't paying attention a couple of times, and those pinwheels ended up going the wrong direction and I had to start all over again. Unless you want your quilt to be a little quirky, compare each new block to the block you made previously.
2. Make sure you're drawing the template on the back of the fabric.

3. Make sure none of the seam allowances are sewn down. This will make it easier for pressing later.
4. Once you have two sets of three, you need to sew them together.
5. Pinning the middle point is crucial if you want your points to look good. This took me a little bit of practice, but I like hand-piecing for this reason because it's slower and I can check my progress and go back much easier. Remember to pin the end of each seam too, like in the first tutorial.
6. If you've been pressing all of your pieces the same direction, it's super easy to press the finished block. The center seam will almost look like a circle.
7. You've finished one mini block! You'll need 7 of these mini blocks in the same color for the main blocks. See how the points match up?

Let me know if you have nay more questions.

Here's the link to part 1 if you missed it:

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