Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Costco, mashed potatoes, and temple recommends

Lachlan only had a fever for one day. It got up to 102, but he had no other symptoms. He woke up Tuesday with no fever. I'm wondering if it was teething-related, even though they "can't prove that teething causes fevers" for sure. I don't feel any teeth at all though.
A sicky bebbe just wanted to be cuddled all day
Lachlan loves it when I copy the sounds he makes back to him. We can carry on a conversation like that forever until he bursts out laughing.
We have a tree right outside the front door of our apartment that is blooming these pink blossoms! I love pink!
We finally have Costco memberships. I have such good memories of one opening up in Japan while we lived there. It had so many American items to buy! It was a big family outing. Our family is still small, so I don't need too many items in bulk. But I have been so excited about Costco diapers and muffins! We also got the free American Express cards. This was a big step for us because neither of us have had a credit card before. Bear is so worried about debt, but I've been nagging him because I want to build up our credit for when we buy a house someday. We've set a rule to only buy groceries with it. Bear is still freaking out though.

Slow cooker mashed potatoes. Success.
I tried something new for dinner last night. Slow cooker mashed potatoes. I used to think that the slow cooker would really only make soups, but there is so much you can make! Cheesecake, lasagna, artisan bread...but I've been wanting to try this for a while. We had a ton of Russett potatoes, so that's what I used instead of what the recipe called for. I had a 10 lb bag instead of a 5 lb bag, so I couldn't measure perfectly, but it was a little salty. 1 tablespoon of salt seems like too much anyways. Bear loved them though. If I'm going to have mashed potatoes, it has to be made from scratch with the peels left on. Potato flakes just don't cut it for me. Besides the fact that I'm a slow cutter so it took me a while to dice the potatoes, it was quite easy. You can find the recipe here.
Broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken

I also made this. My tip: don't over drench the chicken in the egg whites, or it will come out of the oven a little big soggy.

And after a huge ordeal of having to chase down people in our new stake, we finally got our temple recommends renewed. There's a little temple here in Fresno and we want to go in the morning before both of us have to work because the temple is so far away from us in Virginia. The Temple means a lot to me and it means a lot more when I get to go with Bear.  

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