Monday, August 08, 2011

No Texting During the Movie

So, I really wanted to see Thor and it came out in the dollar movie theater. We finally went one night to the late showing. I liked it, Bear thought it was cheesy. But I'd rather have it be a little bit cheesy with an overused theme and plot than something dark and disgusting that's supposed to be so shocking it "moves" you. Anyways, this dollar theater is kind of ghetto. Especially at the late showing. But hey, I'd rather pay $5 for the both of us than $18, right?

Well...Bear left his phone in the cup holder and went right back for it, but it was gone. He went back to the theater 2 more times after that and asked them to call my number if they found anything. We texted asking them to give it back. We threatened that it had GPS tracking (yeah, we lied).

It made sick to my stomach. I had bad dreams all night about the nasty things the thiefs were doing with his phone. I was also afraid it had important bank information or something on it. Bear has a bad habit of leaving things behind, but has always been lucky in getting it right back. I was hugging my purse to me the whole time and even checked the floor as we left, but not the cup holder.

The good news is, he did have some insurance on his phone, so we get the same new phone for half the price it should be. It should be here Tuesday. So the moral of the story is, if you're going to go to a ghetto theater, don't let your phone leave your body. Or else that $5 movie ends up being $50. Baha

And now I can't find my camera. Gah.

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