Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So remember how I said I was going to do some research on Aspartame? This is what I found. You decide for yourself. 3 videos aren't really enough, so go do your own research too. I did a couple on high fructose corn syrup also. Enjoy. The last one is my favorite.

Saturday Night Live - Corn Syrup Commercial - Video -


Ann Marie said...

I didn't watch the above videos, because it is after midnight and I need to be in in bed, (was waiting for the washer to finish, it just beeped) but Aspartame gives me massive instant migraines, I keep very very far away from it as possible. If I see your blog again tomorrow, I will watch the videos then.

nikki said...

WOW! That's scary stuff!! I couldn't hear the news reports very well from the music in the background, but I will look further into this as well!! I don't drink alot of it, but maybe a little is too much!! Thanks for the eye opener Lexi!!