Saturday, August 27, 2011

Longest Road Trip Ever

PhotobucketI haven't been blogging because we're on our long trip from California to Virginia - which I wouldn't recommend to anybody unless there is no other option. There have been a few adventures:

  1. The truck seats don't recline and there's no AC so we melt into the leather seats.
  2. I officially hate the desert, especially between California and St. George, UT.
  3. The GPS is my new best friend
  4. Right after we walked into my grandma's house in Fillmore to stay the first night, she got a call from my aunt saying she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Nancy is only 35 years old, with 4 kids, ages 8 months-11 years old. She was still nursing the baby. It was not the news my grandma wanted to hear because two years in a row, her husband and daughter-in-law were diagnosed with cancer on her birthday. My grandma is a breast cancer survivor too. It was good that me, Tash, and Bear were there with her.
5. I got to spend time with Tashi and take her college shopping for BYU.
6. I got to see both of my great grandmas Verna Challis and Geneal Smith (ages 87 and 90) while in Utah. I love them!
7. I got to stay at John and Traci (my aunt and uncle)'s house in Grantsville. Traci did my hair as my wedding gift.
8. We get on the road and start having a sputtering engine. The oil was empty and we accidentally overfilled it, which made it still sputter of course. We had to keep stopping. But we finally fixed the problem and finally got to Amber's house late Wednesday night. It was good to meet her new husband and catch up because I wasn't able to go to her wedding.
9. We finally made it alive to Nauvoo and I was finally in my momma's and the babies' arms.
10. I keep thinking that Tashi's going to come home from work or school. But then I remember she's at BYU and I get sad on the inside.
11. I'm getting to eat my favorite foods and play Ticket to Ride to my heart;s content. I love my mommy.
12. Our Bustard kitty is so big now and I can't wait to take him back to Virginia with us.
13. I'm sad that I missed my grandma and grandpa Stout because of our truck troubles.

We take off early tomorrow morning (Sunday) because class starts Monday. Crazy life.

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Nita Stelling said...

Aww, a road trip isn't very fun when there are speed bumps like that. Really, it's best to plan ahead for stuff like that. To beat the road, you have to know where you're going. Your auto should also be ready for those long trips.

Well, I hope you have more fun on the road next time!