Monday, February 26, 2007

Young Aunty, Squishies & Headstrong

Hey, howdy, hey! Saturday my Ashley Tisdale CD came in the mail (squee!), I sent in my Chinese portfolio assignment (see my to-do list), and we just hung out all evening with Emily.

I changed the layout (If you've notcied, I change the picture at the top, the song, and the coloring every Monday)again. You probably can't tell, so I'll tell you that the picture at the top is of Ashley Tisdale. A little freaky, huh? But I kind of like it!

I will give you a tutorial on how to comment on my blog!

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*End of "How To Comment On Lexi's Blog" Tutorial* Back to the rest of the very long posting!

Sunday, Sister Kawaminami picked up up and drove us to church. Emily would have been all alone in Relief Society and Sunday School, so she came with us to the young womens and youth sunday school. It was so funny, everyone thought she was our cousin. But they all did agree that she looked like my dad when they found out she was our aunt. And Am & my dad are 12 years apart - but they were still freaked out that she was 29 (next month - we didn't mention that), has 3 kids, and her oldest was 8. So sister Kawaminami's says in a surprised voice, "So you got married when you were about 20?" and Em's all like, "Yeah...uh-huh..." haha if they only knew they she got married right out of high school hee hee

Today, Monday, Tashi had singing lessons and I had to teach English in the afternoon, so we didn't go anywhere big with Em, but she took Mia and Noah to the nieghborhood park. And Wendy Wu's on Disney Channel tonight for the first time!! FINALLY!!!

Ashley Tisdale

Mia and Noah are the cutest squishies ever!
(above:) Mia was pouting and wouldn't smile for me but Em got her to laugh - she loves her aunty em!
(above:) I wish I had Em's photogenic smile! I interupted Noah's snack and TV time for the pic, so he doesn't look that great.
(above:) Mia walking to school!

Vanessa & Ashley

I just bought Ashley Tisdale's new CD - Headstrong. I really like it too. She and Vanessa are so talented!

If your impressions of Ashley Tisdale are fuzzy around the edges but include visions of singing schoolgirls, blond supercuteness, and shrieking, hysterical 10-year-olds, you'll want to check them at the door before checking out Headstrong. It's not that fourth graders won't like the long-limbed High School Musical star's hooky, happy, and at times hyper solo debut. It's just that you might, too. Tisdale, a little like Lindsey Lohan and not at all like Hilary Duff, doesn't waste time ditching her groovy-juvie reputation to reimagine herself as a red-hot starlet here. "Not Like That" mines familiar misunderstood-celebrity territory in a way that's less whiny than worked-up. The thing is, it all sounds pretty good--from the head-bobbing urban beat in "Be Good to Me" to the fuzz and boingy effects on "Over It," Tisdale proves her appeal is not limited to junior proms. Which is not to say she doesn't leave a little something for fans who still dot their I's with circles: One of Headstrong's strongest numbers, "Unlove You," is tailor-made for belt-outs in pastel-pink bedrooms. --Tammy La Gorce
Product Description
Includes songs from the hottest writer-producers on the planet, including The Matrix (Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne), Scott Storch (Usher, Chris Brown), Kara DioGuardi (Gwen Stefani, Ashlee Simpson), Shelly Pieken and Guy Roche (Christina Aguilera), and Adam and Nikki Anders (Backstreet Boys, Sheryl Crow), Headstrong is a mix of edgy, rhythmic dance-pop from the new musical queen for 'tweens and teens.

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