Tuesday, February 06, 2007

BIG update

I've been trying to get the computer since Sunday, but I couldn't get it to happen.

Remember I told you Sunday was an interesting day? Well let me tell you about it. I got to church early for seminary, and Sis. Ochiai was just trying to be nice by giving us each a snack, but it was just a temptation because it was Fast Sunday. And Sis. Ochiai told us a parable. She asked us what happens when we eat food. Mana said we digest it. But that wasn't enough for Sis. Ochiai. We all knew what comes after digestion, but we couldn't bring it out into words. And then I almost burst out laughing because Maika had to stammer "It...it comes out". I had to pinch myself to keep that laugh in. It ended up that Sis. Ochiai wanted us to say the food nourishes our bodies. The 3 of us were shaking for a while after that. And our Sunday School teacher didn't show up, so we just hung out for an hour. And Tashi had a goal to finishher Personal Progress before her 14th birthday, and she finished it on the day. Yay Tashi! She finished it while she was still a Beehive! But then our presidency told Tashi that she had to do it all over again...what?!

Monday, yesterday, I went to work with Daddy as an intern haha. I wore nice clothes and everything. I just did my schoolwork at his office. We got to go to an east Indian restaraunte! OMG it was so good. Something about naan dipped in a thin brothy, chicken curry...makes you feel like you're in heaven. But if that chicken curry was mild...what was medium and hot? And I got to go to a candidate meeting with my dad at Kobeya. I got to eat gelato...and the chocolate that Naho gave me...it was a yum yum day. Maybe I'll go to work with dad more often! hee hee
Tashi made lemon poppyseed bread for family home evening dessert, and we just played a game of Boggle. Good game. Even Mia and Noah can play it because they just write down the letters that they find.

Today, Tueday, I did my schoolwork 'til noon, and then Mana and Maika came over at 1 pm to practice OK!go. But it ended up that we danced more High School Musical, played Clue, and watched The Others than practice. Well, it was fun. I loved the movie The Others because it was scary, but not gorey. And that surprise ending...whoah! Mana had an ortho appointment at 5 pm, and it took them an hour both ways on their bikes, so they left at 4 pm. I had to go teach English at 4 pm too, so it worked out perfectly. Noah and Yuu-chan got along better today. Next week I'm planning on taking Mia. We'll see how that goes. Mom also rented Over the Hedge, and War of the Worlds. We started watching Over the Hedge tonight, and I like it so far. We'll have to see if the rents will let me watch the latter.

Update - I bought Eragon (Inheritance), and it came in the mail on Sunday. In a way I'm excited to read it, to get more details and such, but in a way I'm afraid to read because it might make me disappointed in the movie.

I also finished my English portfolio assignment, and sent it in (See my to-do list in the sidebar).

Actually, I've also bought those shorts that I wanted from American Eagle, but I sent them to my Aunty Em so that she can bring them with her when she comes to Japan (whenever her passport finally arrives)! So hopefully I will get them soon. But of course I'll be more excited to see my Aunty Em.

Oh, and I changed the layout to Pride & Prejudice - also on my favorite movies list - for Valentine's Day. It's a perfect movie for that holiday. Oh, and I changed the song - look on the sidebar!

My dad and mom both have blogs now! So 2/3rds - 4 people in my family have blogs! Check 'em out if you have the time!

* My dad - Tokyo Commuter - A headhunter commuting in Tokyo, hunting for the best heads. And wasting time blogging.
* My mom - Hearts Full of Joy - on the joys of quilting, antiques, motherhood, adoption, life in Japan and much more
* Tashi - *tashtash* - Warning! There is a highly addictive game on her blog!

Hannah Montana

Favorite Food
I bolded the ones that appplied to me. I bolded both when I liked both and I didn't bold either sometimes because both were yucky.

Cream cheese
or butter

Provelone or cheddar
Chocolate or caramel
Strawberries or bananas
Pineapples or kiwis
Juice or soda
Banana splits or sundaes
Cauliflower or broccoli
Cucumbers or tomatoes
Brussels sprouts or asparagus
Cinnamon or spearmint
Gum or breathmints
Spaghetti or lasagne
Ravioli or tortellini
Wheat Thins or Trisquits
Mashed potatoes or French fries
HoHos or Twinkies
Salt or pepper
Ketchup or mustard
Onion or garlic
Cottage cheese or sour cream
Frozen pizza or take-out pizza
Bean soup or chicken noodle soup
Corn chowder or clam chowder
Sourdough or raisin toast
Scrambled eggs or hard boiled egg
Salsa or chip dip
Ranch or vinagarette
Raspberries or blueberries
Apples or peaches
Coconut or mango
Lemonade or Kool-Aid
Gatorade or Powerade
Water or milk
Plain milk or chocolate milk
2% milk or skim milk
Pancakes or waffles
French toast sticks or slices

Cheerios or Wheaties
Lucky Charms or Count Chocula
Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Pebbles
Frosted Flakes or Corn Flakes

Puffed Rice or Puffed Wheat
Instant oatmeal or oatmeal from the can
Fruit and Cream Oatmeal or Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Cantaloupe or watermelon
Orange juice or apple juice

Grape juice or grapefruit juice
Yoplait or Dannon yogurt

Macaroni and cheese or noodles with alfredo sauce
Corn on the cob or frozen bagged corn
Caesar salad
or house salad
Macaroni salad or potato salad

Peanut butter and jelly or meat and cheese sandwich
Pears or nectarines
Oranges or tangerines
Butter or margarine
Dark chocolate or milk chocolate

Banana chips or apple chips
Pizza rolls or pizza sandwiches
Eggplant or cabbage
Celery or carrots
Bagels or croissants

Lizzie McGuire
And I know that Christmas is over, but this song isn't really Christmasey! Enjoy the movie!

Well, that's all for today, folks!


maika said...

I had so fun!
What is the game's name?

My name is Lexi said...

what game?