Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Saturday and Cooking with Noah

Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is love!

Anyways...Today I went and babysitting again with Tashi. The parents were gone a lot longer than they said they were going to be, and me & Tash thought that we were going to lose our minds, but we both got 2000 yen! Cha-ching!

Oh, and I'm almost done with my English Portfolio. I think I'm going to send it in on Monday.

I'm done reading "Mummy" (see the to-do list in my sidebar).

I've been having fun cooking dinner with Noah every night. I'm doing the dinner thing for 14 days for Personal Progress, and Noah voluntarily helps me. He's very determined that he will help me, like it's his life destiny or something. I think he'll have his own gourmet food TV show when he grows up!

Ashley Tisdale

This is a survey about me. I've bolded the ones that apply to me.

I am a " winter person "
I own over 10 pairs of shoes
My favorite color is something dark
My favorite show is on MTV
I am currently in high school
I have my drivers license
I have at least one ' x ' in my screen name
I have to straighten my hair every day
I need to go shopping
I own over 20 disney movies
I spend over an hour in the morning getting ready
I've seen a live play before
I've been to a concert
I've read all the Harry Potter books
I've seen all the Lord of the Rings movies
I like watching non-fiction movies
I think golf is the wussiest sport
I like getting comments on my xanga

I haven't missed an episode of The O.C.
I have at least 3 siblings, not including myself
I have a job
I have owned over 50 Beanie Babies
I was more of a Barbie child
I was born in the month of September, or later
I've lived in over 5 houses during my life
I was born somewhere outside of the United States
I sleep with a stuffed animal
I own a cell phone
I have my own computer
I collect something rather out of the ordinary
I love someone outside my family - MAIKA!
I own tickets to some kind of seasonal event (sports, etc.)
Surveys really do cure my boredom
I hate when people misspell things
I'm a health freak
I love taking pictures
I love reading
I love eating
I have more than 5 posters on my walls
I like playing board games
I play basketball or softball // baseball
I play hockey or football
I play no sports
Math is my worst subject
I have been baptized
I like water more than pop
I'm obsessed with my mirror
I hate feet
I love Laguna Beach
I'd rather watch the Real World or Road Rules
I browse Xanga when I'm bored
I love Oreos

High School Musical Cast

I grew up in a "handmade" family. My mom made a lot of my clothes when I was little, and she was always working on some sort of sewing project. It just seemed normal to have a mom that sewed almost everything. So when people would tell how lucky I was to have a mommy that made dresses for me, I didn't understand. I was all like, "huh?". But now, I realize how lucky I was to have a "sewing mommy" and lucky that she taught me how to sew too. Our house usually looks like this:

(above: my mom's latest quilting prject strewn all over the house)
(above: Tashi's sewing basket, full of 1930's repro fabrics. She's working on a flower garden quilt right now.)

Well, that's all for today, folks!

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