Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Daiei, English, and Singing

Well, Chinese still has me stumped! I guess I just have to study more...

Today, after schoolwork, me and Tash went to Daiei. Just as we were about to leave, Noah woke up from his nap and came down the stairs. So we decided to take him too. He's so cute! He holds onto the handles on the seat in front of him on the bus, he stands where some foot marks were for a line at the post office, etc...I have decided that he's a shaved Ewok from Star Wars.

I bought Sis. Murakami a birthday present because her birthday's on Sunday. Oh, and I bought some makeup:

MAYBELLINE loose powder eye shadow. It was pretty cheap, and I don't just have to use it on my eyes.


So, after we came home, my 2nd English student shows up at my house. I wasn't ready! She kept making excuses why she couldn't come, so I thought she was trying to quit the classes. And like when I emailed her asking if she wanted to start classes again from today, she ignored the email, so I thought she had quit for good. But then she showed up! That was a major freak-out moment. Good thing the house was pretty clean and I had gotten ready for the day because I went to Daiei. Oh yeah, we took purikura at Daiei:

Then I went to singing lessons.


Finished red quilt block #2, so #7 all together

That's all for today, folks!

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