Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cute Mia and Activity

Interesting things Mia has told me recently:

1. I pick out some cute skinny jeans at Gap with a rip in the knee (on purpose). Mia takes one look at them, and gasps. "Lexi, you can't buy that! It has a hole in the knee! It would be emabarrasing if you wore that!"

2. Supposedly, when I hug her, she feels like I'm "intacking" (attacking her), but she was afraid to tell me, because she was afraid that she would hurt my feelings.

3. She sings the Pirates of the Caribbean song: "Hey-ho, hey-ho" instead of "Yo-ho, yo-ho"

4. She calls "Obi-Wan-Kenobi", "Nobi-Wan-Kenobi"

Isn't she cute?

Aly, Aj, & Jesse

I just realized that I hadn't updated for a long time! Anyways, on Wednesday, I went to Ikspiari with Mia & Tashi and we bought Valentine's chocolate and such. Friday I went to Daiei with Mia and we bought Crepes because it was "Crepe Day" at Dipper Dan. Saturday (I know this post says that it is Saturday today, but that's because I drafted this yesterday) we had a missionary, youth, and SA family home evening at the church. We played Fruit Basket and had a lesson from the missionaries. It was a good lesson. I might use it sometime.

Today was Sister Murakami's birthday. So I gave her a present. And we had a little party for her after church. And then, me, Maika, and Asami went to Koiwa for a Youth Conference planning meeting. You-kun was pushing the open button on the elevator so we couldn't leave, but Tashi helped us, so we were finally able to go down. But when the doors opened on the 1st floor, he was there! We all screamed! It was like some sort of horror movie or something. Our brains freaked out and didn't realize for a second that he cold have taken the stairs. You would have to be there.
Ribeka's sick - GET WELL SOON!
Me, Maika, and Tashi are going to go do Baptisms for the dead tomorrow, and then go do karaoke! Yay!

Corbin & Vanessa

(above: was the Angel Moroni modeled after Noah?)
(above: Mia and Noah playing with their fun game of frogs)

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