Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Had A Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry. I know the last posting was lame-o.
I was just really busy yesterday.

I woke up and gave my valentine's goodies to family. I got an art book from my mom, and candy. Mia made me the cutest valentine! :
HPE VALNTAMS DAE (Happy Valentine's Day)
It made me happy!

Yuki came over for English lessons, and I went to singing lessons. *Sigh*

We ordered pizza for dinner, then had chocolate fondue, apple pie, cheesecake etc...

I was feeling kind of low because I didn't have a valentine...but I had lots of fun with my family! Noah will have to do for my valentine this year...


This came in the mail!!! I'm so addicted to HSM, I know...but I have more fun singing and dancing to the songs myself than watching it...they have all the songs (including "I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You"), in karaoke (instrumental) versions and the vocal versions! So that's 16 songs right there, but the best part is...the BONUS GIRL SOLO!!! It's "Start of Something New", with only Troy/Zac's voice. So I can sing along without Gabriella/Vanessa's voice in the way haha

Aly & AJ

I got this pic of Mia & Noah. My parents moved him into Tash and Mia's room now instead of right before the baby comes so that he doesn't feel replaced. I peeked in on them the other night, and Noah was using Mia's tummy for a pillow! lol (Don't worry, I moved him so Mia wouldn't suffocate!)

I'm thinking about doing posts from now on focused on a family member! (Example: a post all about my dad, talking about him, lots of pics of him even ones from when he's little etc...) What ya think?


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