Sunday, February 04, 2007

Survey #2

Interesting day, today. Tell you about it later.
Eragon came in the mail today. I can't wait to read it.

Aly & AJ

Survey #2 - I bolded the ones that apply to me!

I am a dork
I have 3 pets
I overuse the word like
I miss the backstreetboys
I wish I was still 4
I have a boyfriend
I am single
I never made out with someone
I never broke anything on my body
I don't take crap from people
I like to take pictures

I have wings
I have been to a concert
I have a name with 11 letters in it
I have a nickname that begins with the letter K
I watch Mad Tv
I have no bedtime
I have 7 phones
I have 3 computers
I like to wear spikes
I like to sing
My favorite color is yellow
I am origional
I like to chew ABC gum
I can dance as good as spiderman can fly
I spell you "yoOh"
I am polish
I consider myself good looking
I read at least 20 books a year
I like to blare music
I have more than 2 cell phones
I have never flunked a grade before
I like the smell of permanent marker
I am scared of the dark
I have had 10 or more detentions
I have a crush on the Math teacher
My I.Q. is 120 or higher
I don't label people
I go to church
I would rather burn than drown
I would rather drown than burn
I read the book Computers for Dummies
I don't like country music
I cried to the "Concrete Angel" music video
I wear orange eyeshadow
I have blue lipstick
I have more than 20 purses
I like the snow
I walk in the rain
I could never hurt anyone
I have 7 screen names

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
I finished my 1st red block! So block #6! They'll keep coming, people!
(above: my 6th quilt block!!)


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My name is Lexi said...

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I put the surveys on my blog Lex.

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