Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ikspiari, Daiei, & games

Wow, how the time flies!

Thursday morning my parents left for Guam at 8:00 am. Mia had a breakdown and said she didn't want to go to school. But I talked her into going. I thought it would keep her distracted and she'd have somewhat of her normal schedule to help her feel secure. Seth left that morning too, along with the exotic, 10-egg Japanese egg cartons haha -long story. After we picked Mia up from school, all of us (me, Noah, Mia, Tashi & Emily) went to Ikspiari. We went shopping at Claire's and stuff. I got 20 stamps on my Claire's card, so I got 1200 yen off! I bought 2 SUPER cute necklaces and a set of bracelets. We forgot all about it because we were at Ikspiari, but we missed the 2nd week of American Idol!!! Aaaarrrgghhh! We had gyouza and spring rolls for dinner & root beet floats for dessert!

Friday was super rainy and wet. The laundry wouldn't dry. And we all got soaked when we took Mia to school. Again, after Mia came home we went to Daiei on the bus. We ate crepes, took purikura, went to the 100-yen store, and window-shopped. While Em has been here I've been eating junk food all day. I need to have a little more self-control! We watched Hannah Montana at 6:30. I like a good, clean TV show. The 2nd season is coming out in April!! Yay!! Me, Tash, and Em stayed up 'til midnight playing all different kinds of card games.

This morning (Saturday) me and Tash went to Young Women's at the church and practiced for our talent show. Em stayed home and watched the chibbies. It was nice and sunny today, but the wind was so strong, it was freezing, even inside the house! I'm serious when I say this - not just because she reads my blog or anything - I will really miss her when she leaves! I don't want her to go!

I'm really curious how many people read my blog...I have the feeling that a lot of people do, but because nobody comments...

Aly & AJ

(above:)This is the purikura that we took on Friday - I look like a dork, I know

(above:)We've been playing games all day with Em

(above:) I look over at Noah while we were at the 100-yen store, and he was sitting in one of the shopping baskets!

(above: these are the cute necklaces that I bought at Claire's)

Miley, Aly, and AJ

Here's a Hannah Montana video with Cascada's song, "Miracle"


maika said...

It was warm and cold...

I think we need to practice a few more dance for talent show.
Some how,it is a treat for me ☆haha

My name is Lexi said...

It was warm and cold?
"What are you talking about?!" haha

I thought we had so much time until Youth Conference, but we only have a month! That's like only 3 weeks of practice!!! We're so weird haha

maika said...

"It was warm and cold." is Maican Language.((o(>▽<*)o))笑