Thursday, October 02, 2008

Run, run, Nick, run, run!

Nick deserves this post. He joined Cross Country his senior year. And he's good! There were over 250 kids in his first race, and was #14!!! He ran so hard that he passed out after the finish line and doesn't remember anything. But his family said he collapsed and had to be put on oxygen. He thinks he's a wimp for that, but obviously it's a guy thing because I wouldn't have run that hard in the first place. Why is it that guys can push themselves that hard? It's crazy. And I know how it feels to run. I did cross country last year. And I would have done it this year at this new school, but supposedly I have a heart murmur. Which my doctor in Utah said was fine, but my doctor here says I shouldn't be in school sports where it's competitive and I push myself really hard. (Like region track this spring when I ran the 2-mile that I hadn't trained for, and my heart hurt for the rest of the day) So I can still jog, but no school sports for me. That's called a wimp. Haha

Your legs get so big when you do cross country. It's a very physically demanding sport. You're not on a team where you can trade off with other players. You have to push yourself as hard as you can. You burn so many calories, you're hungry all day and eat huge meals. Our coach last year let us eat anything we want, even junk food because you definitely burn it off.
Cross country gets kind of pushed out of the way. Dang it, now I'm really missing it. Stupid physicals that tell you things you don't want to hear...

Good job, Nick!!!

Sending you lots of proudness from way out here in western Illinois!!!

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Nick said...

HAHAHA Thanks Lexi!!! I love it!! But having to be put on oxygen is a whimpy thing! YOU ROCK LEXI!!!