Sunday, October 05, 2008

General Conference

Conference was really good. Last time was when I really got something out of Conference and came to appreciate it, because we were assigned in seminary to take notes. I got what I needed at that time, and I still remember what most of the talks were about without even looking at my notes or the ensign or whatever. So I was all ready to take notes this time, but I ended up just quilting the whole time. The time went by amazingly fast. (I finished 1 and a half on my grandmother's flower garden quilt!!!) It didn't even seem like there were enough speakers. I really liked Elder Holland's talk about angels, the General Young Womens President's talk and Boyd K. Packer's talk. I'm so glad that we have a prophet, especially one that is so optimistic about the future and loving towards all people. A lot of the talks were about enjoying the time now and not fearing the future. Missionary work, gratitude, and helping those with trials (service) were other big themes I noticed. I liked how they talked about Joseph Smith a lot. I've become a lot more interested in him and his teachings ever since we moved to Nauvoo. I'm turning into a church history buff.

I love Elder Uchtdorf's accent. The way he pronounced was awesome.
And I really like this video. I hope you like it too. I will post about homecoming next time!

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Emily said...

You are so cute! And grown up. So stop it. Stop getting old and smart and stuff! I mean it!

Okay, I guess I can't stop you. I really like all the accents of the speakers too, especially Uchtdorf's. I think it really shows how worldwide the Church really is now. Very cool.

Love ya,
-Aunty Em