Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I promised I'd post about homecoming. I wasn't as excited for the homecoming at my new school this year. Because I won't lie, our football team stinks big time. My old school's football team didn't lose a single game until state. So it was really fun to watch them play and get all "school-spirit-y" for homecoming. But our homecoming week was so much fun here. Everybody really got into it!!! There was class color day (the juniors were yellow), twin day, pajama day, crazy day, and spirit day. Everyone dressed up so much.

The classes were easy, no homework, and we had fun things during homeroom everyday (volleyball games, karaoke, dance-offs, pep rallies, and hall decoratin
g). Everyone opened up a lot more, became more friendly, showing "themselves" more, showing more school pride. I loved going to school everyday that week. I feel a lot closer with my classmates. I think the seniors are having a harder time because they combined schools their last year at high school, but we have an extra year. I think we'll be an awesome senior class. And 2010 is a cool year.

2020 would be cooler, I have to admit. But we're into the teens of the 2000s! School's still school, but I like it a lot more now. Especially because our principal let us walk to Casey's during our digital photography class to go buy treats. (Look at Marley and Kyle's amazing footie pajamas!!!)

Amber is adorable.

They put tubes in their hair! Of course we got slaughtered at our game 60-6. And I didn't get asked to the dance. But it's okay because I got asked to the one in Q-town, which was a way bigger school and much more fun.

And just a side-note. Look at the difference between what the girls wear to homecoming this year at my new school (1st picture), and what the girls wore at my old school to the homecoming this year(2nd picture). I'm not saying anything against either side, it's just very different. Let's just say if I wore the kind of dress the girls at my old school wore to a dance here...I would stand out very much

new school

old school

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