Monday, October 20, 2008

Home Sick

I'm home sick from school today. I'm not terribly ill, but I don't want to look like him.

Whenever I start to feel sick I know it's my body telling me to:
  1. get more sleep
  2. eat healthier
  3. have more time to myself and to meditate
  4. relax and enjoy what i have
I know I'm a weirdo but it's true. I need time to myself everyday. I need to think deeply about what happened through the day. I need to read books. I need to quilt. I need to listen to good music. I need to play the piano and imagine I will be an amazing composer like Patrick Doyle someday. I need to write in my journal and pour out my deepest thoughts. I need to cuddle up in my Ikea bed with my Ikea duvet and super soft black blanket my mom found. I need to paint my nails. I need to try on clothes and wish I have more. I need to dance to the music I listen to. I need to sing. I need to daydream and get all tickly on the inside. And I need to read my scriptures.

But usually each day leaves me with just enough time to read my scriptures. Which is the most important. But I go crazy if I don't get to do the rest of the things I mentioned above. Which is why today I will be shnuggled in my comfy bed, resting, daydreaming, reading my amazing book, and every so often I will get up to quilt or play the piano.

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Nick said...

It could also be your body telling you, you talk on the phone to much!! haha