Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Emma Woodhouse is my kindred spirit

Of course I love Jane Austen. And Pride and Prejudice is good too. But it is not my favorite (gasp!). Emma is my favorite. I relate to her so much better than Elizabeth Bennet. Or any of the other Jane Austen characters. And I am constantly being scolded. (Badly done, Emma!) I have decided she is my kindred spirit. And I think Mr. Knightley is way more amazing than Mr. Darcy. But that's just me. What's your favorite? And why? I found this video on youtube, and it makes me happy. (How he gets all jealous of Frank Churchill *sigh*) Emma and Mr. Knightley just make me happy. And it's happy because it's an old song. Ooooh I'm all tingly inside. Jane Austen is genius. Me and Tashi are having a Jane Austen marathon and I'm planning on reading Emma when I'm done with the book I'm reading right now.

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nick said...

Where have I seen this video before? haha :)