Sunday, October 12, 2008


I'm in a quilting frenzy mood. It takes me so long to make one of these blocks and attach it onto the quilt top.

But I worked on it all during general conference. It's fun to do while I talk on the phone. Or while I'm watching movies. Or eating peanut butter m&m's that make me hyper. I'm working on the block that will fill that empty spot on the bottom right. I'm using bright, 1930's reproduction fabrics. But all the yellows in between the blocks are real feedsack (thank you, mommy!!!). I love hand-piecing. You don't need the sewing machine with you, and it's not noisy. The perfect thing to do when you're watching Jane Austen movies.

This is what my quilt would look like neon. I can't help messing around with pictures.
Am I the only teenager that quilts?

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nick said...

That's REALLY good!!! I would never be able to do one of these quilts... I'm not patiant enough! haha