Friday, January 25, 2008

Women of Inspiration

I'm so thankful for the women around me that teach me the wonderfulness of womanhood. My 2 grandmas, my mom, Gloria, and though she probably doesn't know it, Kelly. They give me wonderful inspiration. My mom has done a good job in teaching me good skills for when I'm older. Arts of mother/womanhood that are being lost.
  1. Quilting - my mom taught me the art of buying my own fabric that I liked, and making my own patterns, how to quilt the good way - hand or machine. Not the crappy, tied baby quilt style. Using antique patterns, fabrics, etc. Now I have color combinations and patterns popping up in my head all the time. The old form of quilting...*sigh of contentment*. Oh, and my mom taught me to sew on buttons, iron, and mend my own clothes.
  2. Cooking - (this is mostly my grandma and mom) To make everything homemade. The art of making a healthy meal with hardly any meat. To use healthy cooking oils, whole grains, and lots of fruits and veggies. The art of making a colorful meal - not have everything be the same color. To have all the food groups in a meal. And to sit down and eat together and talk.
  3. Cleaning - a house is never clean, but cleanliness is close to Godliness. And, it's good to have a relaxing day once in a while
  4. Taking care of a baby
  5. The art of good photography and scrap-booking
  6. Decorating your house simply and tastefully using antique, vintage, and modern items
  7. It's okay to eat chocolate all week once a month
  8. Let your emotions out, don't hold them in, humor is good “Don’t forget to laugh at the silly things that happen. Humor . . . is a powerful force for good when used with discretion. Its physical expression, laughter, is highly therapeutic” (James E. Faust) "We’ve got to have a little humor in our lives. You had better take seriously that which should be taken seriously but, at the same time, we can bring in a touch of humor now and again. If the time ever comes when we can’t smile at ourselves, it will be a sad time." (Gordon B. Hinckley)
  9. Marry someone who will love you more and more everyday, get married in the temple, and marry a returned missionary no matter what. Have a big family - children are treasures. The more you have, the more rich you are. "The family is a creation of the Almighty. It represents the most sacred of all relationships. It represents the most serious of all undertakings. It is the fundamental organization of society." (Gordon B. Hinckley)
  10. Church and family come first, family home evening, prayer, and scripture study are a must - before friends and school and other things
  11. If we trust in the Lord, nothing is impossible, and he will never send us a trial that we can't work out together (us and Him)
  12. Someone always needs our help - look for that person, even if it's ourselves
  13. Make sure everyone feels loved
  14. ALWAYS ALWAYS pay tithing
  15. Get as much education as you can
  16. Don't get attention with your body, dress modestly
  17. Only choose friends that will lift you higher and help you keep your standards
and the list could go on and on...but you get what I mean. I have so many women that inspire me. Hopefully I can be like them someday.

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