Sunday, January 06, 2008

Winter Formal 2007

I just barely got my winter formal pictures at school. They actually had it on an annoying weekend - the weekend just before Christmas. So I got to (I mean, I had to, mom) skip 2 family Christmas parties that day.

Spencer asked me, and Ben asked Gina - there's a funny story about how Gina was asked. We went on a date in the morning - to see "I Am Legend" up in Provo. The ride up was quite interestingness. Reading our lotion and bodyspray labels, jamming out to songs...woo! To be home in time for Gina's sister Micky to get us ready for the dance and for her to get home to St. George in time, the only showtime that worked out was that movie. Us girls wanted to watch National Treasure 2 more though. The guys definitely wanted to watch I Am Legend more. OHMIGOSH that movie was so scary. Gina was basically in my lap the whole time and i was squeezing her hand nonstop. I actually screamed out loud once and the whole theater looked at me. I had to stuff my hoodie in my mouth just in case it happened again. The boys were watching it like it was blue's clues. Me and Gina were shaking when we walked out after it was done. The ending was not satisfying for a girl either. He had to get married or something - geez!
George, Chantelle, Gina, Ben, Marlyn, and Sam were in our group for the pic.

Well, we went straight home and Micky did my hair really pretty. You can't really tell from the front though. Oooh and our make-up was fab too. Thanks Micky! I loved the dress, but I'm always too short for dresses even in my heels so I tripped all over myself and slipped on my butt during the Cotton-eyed-joe. Everyone was like "are you okay?!" and I was completely fine, i brealy knew that it happened. I was so tired by the end of the dance. haha
Dates are very fun ahahahahaha

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DanGina said...

I am going to trip you again cuz you're my best friend :D hehehe jk and you look B-E-A-Utiful in those pictures!! and it that dress, ooo macadamia