Friday, January 11, 2008


Well I got the pictures from Gina (my Goo-Goo). Mana came to Millard!!!

The day she got here, we took her to our school, and we didn't have any money to get into the boy's basketball game, so we looked from outside and saw a dance by the drill team. I think that definitely added to Mana's Millard experience haha. And she got to meet Bro. Rasmussen. And we took her Sam's house. And we got to listen to Sam's things on iTunes that teach him Japanese. "Yuki-san no atama wa...takoyaki ni sokkuri rashii desuyo...oishisou desune" ahahahahaha that was hilarious. Oh and "Yoroshiku onegaishimasu" means "please be kind to me".

Oh, and then I, (yes me!) drove out to Gina's ranch. I get my driver's license this month!!! We took Mana four-wheeler riding. We only went 30 on dirt roads. Out in the very middle of Utah, out in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, with now lights. Gina's ranch is huge! Haha if Mana only knew what we really do on the 4-wheelers, like donuts and jumps. Sam was having fun.

It was really good when i backed into one of their 4-wheelers on the way home. I thought I hit Gina, but Sam thought we hit one of Gina's dogs. And then I was afraid I hit their truck, but I turn around and it was a 4-wheeler. I was very relieved, so I said smiling, "oh, we only hit a 4-wheeler". Everyone else didn't understand why I was smiling. Sam had to get out, check the back of the car, and check the 4 wheeler. Everything was fine.

Next day, we took Mana swimming. Mana thought Carson who was life-gaurding was hot, so she kept saying, "look over here!" in Japanese so he wouldn't understand her. "kocchi wo muiteyo hani~". Oh and making fun of synchronized swimming was very fun. Or watching Mana jump off the diving board. She can't swim, so she's flapping around in the 11 feet deep water, with her eyes closed, so I swim out to help her, but I'm laughing so hard by the time I get to her, I'm drowning myself.

After swimming, we went to the pioneer dance at the statehouse. It was the statehouse's anniversary. It was a formal dance, and the rules were you couldn't buy a new dress. So me, Gina, Tashi, and Mana all wore Gina's sister's dresses. We got all fancied up at Gina's house, and somehow fit into Gina's car in our poofy dresses. Gina's was so poofy, she almost couldn't see while she was driving.

We had dance cards, and my dress was too long for me so I kept slipping and falling all over the place. All the boys were wowed when I told them Mana was 19. They're all excited about it. Boys are weird. We all looked so pretty in our dresses. And I had so much fun. But I got all sweaty and by the time we took these pictures at Gina's house afterwards, I looked pretty gross.

I hope Mana had fun. She was a total babe with the way she did her hair and how she looked in the white dress. Oh, and don't forget the sexy red tights. We were so tired by the time we got home. And it was hard to wake up to get ready for church at 9:30, and having to fast. But like I said in the post before this one, it was a good testimony meeting. Mana basically had to leave right after church to get to Snow College in time. And the rest of our fam wanted to see our grandparents that live right next to Snow, but me and Tash wanted to go to the stake fireside for the youth introducing the mutual theme. So we took a nap all afternoon.

And Mana looked so funny in her red shirt, my red belt, and her red tights. We had to take a pic.

We'll get to see her soon, she better come to visit again soon.

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