Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crazy Weekend

Well, life has been pretty good lately. The past few nights I've been having really weird dreams though. Ones like Bro. Rasmussen helping me and Tashi sneak into the chapel when all the doors are locked during Sacrament Meeting by doing this crazy car chase, weird dreams with me, Gina, and Sam getting attacked in a forest where everything comes alive...The Brothers Grimm movie didn't help me I guess. That is one of the most weirdest movies I've ever seen. 

This 3 day weekend has been nice. On Friday, me, Gina, Ethan, and Cheyenne went up north. Gina got to see Mitch and Cheyenne got to see Corbin. I bought this new shirt, and a present for Tashi's b-day at the mall. I'll post a picture of her present after her birthday, because she reads my blog. But I got this shirt for myself:

I really like it. It was a very interesting night including me playing the Wii with Mitch's youngest sister. She's only 7, but she's insane and so competitive. It was my first time playing it, but I got really into it because of her. My arms are sore now just from playing 2 games. And some other stuff made it interesting. 

I get to go help Gina on her fence on her ranch today. But it's snowing. Hopefully I won't die from the cold. I can't wait for the progressive dinner with the priests on Wednesday for Mutual. 

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