Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Good things, good things

I'd just like the share the good things that have happened in my life recently. Firstly of all, I got to see Mana! I haven't seen her since last May. I was so excited the whole day she was coming. Just ask Ethan and Gina. I was telling everybody at school. I will do a post on everything we did with her some time soon, but anyways back to the good things. Mana went to church with us and it was fast and testimony meeting and my mom went up and bore her testimony about how we've been to different wards around the world, but you always feel the same spirit. And she talked about how we were so happy to have Mana with us, and how we really missed her family and our ward/stake in Tokyo. Me and Mana were bawling together when my mom was bearing her testimony. I love crying with my friends - talk about Tokyo Stake youth conference last year. The Nanjos - I'd do anything for them. I really do miss the rest of her family and everybody in Tokyo stake...I really can't wait for this spring when I get to go back to Tokyo for youth conference!
The second item of happy business was I'm so excited to be back in school and having seminary. I love Bro. Rasmussen's lessons. His lesson on Caleb and Joshua and their attitudes, and how you can't even describe what it feels like to hold your own baby in your arms. He's said so much stuff that's really hit me. I can't wait for seminary tomorrow!!! woot woot - party time!
My friends are amaza-zing, I don't know what I'd do without them. They help me look at things the right way, choose the right, jump for my goals, and do what I love.
And wow is the Old Testament interesting! Scriptures are good stuffs. Can't live without that.


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DanGina said...

awwww, i am so lucky to have such a good friend like you :D you are amazing girly

My name is Lexi said...

To Maika: I miss you Maika, I wish you could have come with Mana. I'll try to come in the spring, so you need to come in the summer.

To Gina: You are a way better friend than I am, I love you!!!