Thursday, January 17, 2008

3 Warriors, Return With Honor!!!!

Well, this year 3 guys that I've become best friends with are going on missions. It's so weird. I remember them being younger than me and thinking they were so old and cool. And now they're going on missions!!! Freak!!! I'm so proud of them~~

The first person is my first cousin once removed, (so my mom's cousin), but he was close to me and my cousins' (
Stephen and Jordan) ages so he hung out with us. His name is Nick. I freakin' luv this kid. He is #4 in a 6-boy family. When my cousins lived down the street from us in Japan, he came to visit during the summer. That's when I really got to know him. We all went to the beach together and hung out...we had so much fun. You can't ever be bored when you're with Nick. He will say the funniest things. He's the one that when we (meaning, Stephen, Jordan, Tashi, and I) were bored at the family party on Christmas Eve, and took us to his house 2 minutes away to play on his Wii. I never got super close with him, but I will still miss him at family parties, and his sense of humor. I don't have a picture of him, but I wish you could meet him in person. A pic just wouldn't do it.

The next person is my cousin, Stephen. I have grown up with this kid. He's exactly 2 years and 3 months older than me. I have a picture of him standing by me (in my car-seat) on my blessing day. We played together from as early as I can remember. We were with each other 24/7 whenever we came to visit from Japan. We would hide somewhere in the house and just read books or talk all day - and this was when we were really little like, 5 and 7. And we were reading advanced books for our age. The funny thing was we were smart enough to read the words, but we couldn't understand what we were reading. I remember reading Little Women while he read some book about a knight in the middle ages. We were always hiding from Tashi and Jordan. We actually have a picture of me and Stephen hiding behind a piece of furniture giggling our heads off because we'd been found by our moms. We thought we were so grown-up haha. We were there for each other's birthday parties. We played "king and queen" and Tashi and Jordan were our prince/knight and princess. Oh and we can't forget playing "cats". When Stephen and Jordan's dad died from bone cancer when they were just 6 and 3, we were there for the funeral even though I didn't really understand it. Well, my aunt Jill, (his mom and my mom's little sister) got remarried and we were there for the wedding (flying from Japan for both of these events). Stephen and Jordan have 4 more younger half-siblings now, but they look like they're all full-siblings. It was just us 4 cousins for a long time until their little brother, Caleb was born when I was 6. Me and Stephen both look like our moms, so we look a lot alike. When I was little, I thought I was going to get married to Stephen. It was a devastating blow when I found out it was against the law to marry your cousin. Oh and then there was the summer when I was 8 and he was 11 and just the 2 of us stayed at my grandparents house that I live in now. Our grandparents gave us a list of chores to do that they would pay us for, and they were a doctor and a nurse so they would be gone all day and we had to fend for ourselves. I could do a whole blogpost on that. But to not make it too long... It was my dream ever since I could remember for their family to come live in Japan. And when they did, everyone automatically thought he was my older brother. He has amaza-zing piano and singing and acting skills, when the 4 of us (me, Stephen, Tashi, and Jordan) get together we're always singing around the piano. I'll tell them to play a song and they can play it the first time no matter how hard it is. I love singing with them. Now he's saving up money for a mission and is working 24/7 so I don't see him as much as I used to. But I still love him and will miss him like a brother when he goes on his mission. Here's 2 pictures of him:
(above:) Stephen and his youngest brother, Benjamin
Stephen's family minus their mom. 5 sons and 1 daughter. Tough for you, Emma!

And last but not least, my bestest friend that happens to be a boy in this little town that I live in,
Sam. I call him Samu, because that's what his name would be in Japanese. I always kind of knew him when I'd come visit my grandma's ward. My aunt Micaela used to teach him piano lessons, and Gina too. The day after we moved into my grandma's house last May, he and his older sister were washing the windows because my grandparents paid them for it. Talk about akward! Me being an emotional wreck because I missed Japan so bad, and him looking at me through a window slaving away while I sat on my butt crying on the couch. He knows this already, so I can say it, but after I started hanging out with him, I had the biggest crush on him. And it was because I thought he liked me. Luckily I got over it when I went to Nauvoo with my fam in July and August. Wow I have some interesting journal entries about him. But we're too good of friends now. It would be too weird. And now he works at the Natzi cheeseplant, earning 12 dollars an hour. Everyone weekday afternoon. So we never get to see him anymore. But he's really sick right now and still has to work because he doesn't get a sick day for 90 days. I took him some immune fizz. I hope he gets better soon. I need to give him squishy love.
Here's 2 pictures of him. He is the bestest friend.
Sam being cold at Gina's house
(above:) and Sam dancing with me in Gina's room. I was really bummed because I wanted to go to this dance at the stake next to us, but I had to work. So Gina got the music ready. And Sam asked me to dance. It was really akward, but definitely one of my best memories. 

Stephen and his family came down for Thanksgiving, we took him to see Sam. They were talking about how they were going on missions soon and how this was their last Thanksgiving and Christmas with their families and friends. That hit me so hard, I wanted to cry. But I'm really proud of them. They'd better return with honor!!! I love and miss all 3 of you~Squishy love

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