Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ward BBQ & Battle of Yuichiro

Our ward BBQ was on Monday. Golden Week has started, so everybody was off! Even though we've been having a low activity attendance, everybody (I repeat everybody - all ward members) came! And the stake president's family came, except Shunichiro, who had to go to work. But Yuichiro and Kouichiro came. Kouichiro is so CuTe♥ He calls Yuichiro, "Yu-kun" haha. Maika took a picture of him on her cellphone and sent it to me (I took my camera, but I didn't take any pictures...I want to spank myself!! haha):

We played 2 different kinds of dodge ball, partner tag (but we call it missionary tag haha), had a water fight, folk-danced, played cops and robbers, and had a family home evening lesson including a talk by the stake president. It was the first time I'd seen Yuichiro in person since the Youth Conference Kouyasai, but I didn't get to do anything with him! I was so mad at myself after I went home. 2 girls were holding his hand the whole time, and would cheat just to be with him on a team. I had some major rivalry! Do you want to know what the sad thing is though? Those 2 girls are only 7 haha! Me and Ribeka's plans to get close to him didn't work...but he emailed me after I got home...which is better I guess. The stake president's family left early. I watched them for as long as I could before they got too far away to see. I sound like a stalker - yikes! But just to let you know how I felt. Maika, Mana, and Ribeka cheered me up after that. I stunk from the bBq fire, and the fountain we were playing in. I smelled like a wet dog. Maybe I shouldn't have told you that. It was was hot and sunny that day, I got very, very, very sunburned. But the aloe vera lotion saved me. And now I don't look all white and see-through-ish anymore. Don't you feel happy when you get your first sunburn of the year? Hope the rest of you are having good sunny weather and fun days!

Added later: I for got to add that Kousuke wore a pink shirt so all the primary kids called him "Hamu-otoko" (Ham Man) and "Butaniku" (pork) haha. His shirt really was that color though.

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