Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I need you, Tokyo!!!

Oh, I hadn't posted the purikura!

I don't know if I'll make it in Fillmore. I mean, I've grown up in or close to one of the biggest, busiest cities in my life - Tokyo! And it was international there. Here, people don't even know where Japan is on the map or that it even exists! (Read Tashi's posting 'We Came to America!- Last Month!' - May 8th, 2007). To do anything fun, we have to drive 2 hours to Salt Lake/Provo. I went to the Gateway Mall on Tuesday and got to go to the actual American Eagle store - goodbye trying to decide by the picture on the computer screen if the item of clothing will look good on me! I was so excited I almost jumped for joy and screamed when I walked in the actual store! I bought a whole bunch of stuff there, then Aéropostale was having a sale, so I got some stuff there. I love all my new clothes!!! I thought the shopping would make me rejuvenated...but it only lasted for a little while. I can't stop thinking about Tokyo Stake. My family thinks that I'm just clinging onto the past and that I need to move on...but after all the moves I've experienced...I'm afraid that I'll lose all my Tokyo friends. I'll move on and get used to Fillmore, make new friends...and then I'll be so different, and the Tokyo kids will be so different...Oh, and before I know it, my parents will be moving me off to somewhere I'm really down in the dumps...I need you, Maika, Mana, Ribeka, Kousuke, Yoshuya, Yoshiaki, Dan, Shunichiro, Yuichiro, Masaki, Tom, Urara, Yuuki, Micchan, Ena, Ari, Hanna...I need you, TOKYO!

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