Saturday, May 12, 2007

It Is the Post That Never Ends

Sorry I didn't update in a while. The Last 2 days I stayed at the Nanjos, and I was having too much fun to post! And be warned: this will be very long!!!

Tuesday, the movers came. And all of the Relief Society came to help clean the house. Things were pretty hectic there. I had to keep running away to get away from it all. Me and Yuichiro emailed eacother forever. Even after everything was cleaned, the boxes were taken away, and we got rid of all that junk, we still had junk to throw away.

Well Wednesday was my last day in our house. We got rid of the last of the junk, and I went to my last Baptisms for the Dead at the Tokyo Temple (but I'll be back someday). Kousuke, Yuichiro, Shunichiro, Masaki, the 4 Nanjos, me, Yoshiaki, Dan, and the 2 Nishiyama girls went because it was my last time. It made me so happy. I got lots of letters and gifts. Yoshiaki got his mission call to Vancouver! Yay him! Me and Mana were reading his letter. It was very cool.

The session itself was very good and spiritual. A member of the temple presidency was so impressed with us that he said he was going to tell the stake president.

To go home, we all piled into Masaki's family's car (his dad drove everyone except the Nakano ward kids home). In the end, I got a special hug from someone. I was going to stay over at the Nanjos. But we were locked out. So I snapped a picture of the 3 Nanjo girls: (Great pic, huh?)

Maika and Ribeka had to go to school on Thursday, so me and Mana hung out all day. Time goes by so fast at their house. We took lots of purikura. But I won't post that now. There's too much to post. The last night, we were going to stay up all night, but we decided not too so we could have more fun the next day. And Yuichiro was able to come to the airport!

Kousuke and Yuichiro skipped school on Friday - May 11th - my last day. They both came over to the Nanjos in the morning and we all played 10 rounds of Uno. Yuichiro won 1st place, and I was 4th place (out of 6 people). It's so much more fun with Harry Potter Uno!!!

We all ate lunch together and then piled into their car. Oh wait, before we got in the car, we had to take our picture in front of the "Yoshiaki Apartments" by the Nanjos house. I want an aprtment to be named after me!

*To be continued* I will post a slideshow of pictures from The Last Night Sleepover (it deserves to be capitalized)


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To Dan: 着いたのが、ユタの11日午後4時半、日本の12日、午前7時半だよ!日本の11日、午後3時半出発の敏だったから、長いよ~


To Ribeka:
東京ステークのユースはすばらしすぎる!!!東京ステークが恋しくて、昨日号泣きしちゃった。部屋に「フェイタス」と「I love 東京ステーク」って貼ったら、なんか落ち着いた。やっぱりフェイタスだね!!!笑 絶対にまたよしあき荘の前で写真を撮ろうね! and ユタに絶対来てね!

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