Sunday, May 20, 2007

Backyard Photoshoot

We're as wild and as genki as ever!
Noah swinging

Yup, we're swinging and being cool
Hoses are fun! Everyone should get exctied about them!
Look at the darling thingy. And I'm the one who took this darling, professional looking picture!
Never too big for baby bikes and cars! Boo yeah!
Tarzan of the Fillmore - Tashi!

High School Musical! Chad & Taylor
Lex, Lex, Lex of the jungle, strong as she can be - look out for her feet!
Look it's syncronized jumping!
Mia: Hee hee! I'm going to eat your popsicles!
Lexi: No, no! Anything but the popsicles!
Oh, we're so cute!
So beautiful!

Welcome to my loverly home!
Let's jump together, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Wee! I'm on a wagon that isn't going anywhere!

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