Sunday, May 13, 2007

...The End of the Post That Never Ends

Here's that slideshow from the sleepover that I promised to post:
Well, I'll start from where I left off yesterday. So we played 10 rounds of Harry Potter Uno, took our picture in front of the "Yoshiaki" apartments, then all piled into the car. We had so much fun on the way to airport in the car. Here's another crazy video...of us doing the "Sense-...Sense mo itsumo bo-da- nandesuka?". Kousuke started it, so he's the best at it. Don't worry, we're not reatrded. We're acting like that on purpose! Enjoy!
We sang "Armies of Helman" ("Nifai no Youni" in Japanese) in Japanese:

Oh, and then Kousuke and Yuichiro sang "Armies of Helaman" in English! They have really high voices! Just kidding. It's actually me and Maika singing in the background, and they're lip-synching. haha

Oh, and you can't forget Kousuke's HAPPY face. I don't think a person's face can get any happier than this. I decided that whenever I feel depressed, I'll just look at this picture!!! haha

(above: Yuichiro, Kousuke, and Maika)

Well, all of the sudden we were at the airport, (the time went by so fast because we were having so much fun, remember?!) And while I was exchanging my money, a very famous comedian starts interviewing my dad for tv. I'm thrown in there too...I got all hazukashii (go look that Japanese word up in the dictionary). In a way, it was fun to have all of us on tv, and if they show all of that, it will be kept forever...but in a way, it took up our time to hang out together. We had to leave for the plane right after the interview. I gave everyone a hug (I gave Y_ _ _ _ _ _ _) 2 hugs...hee hee,

(Look at all these youth that came to the airport to see me off! from left: Masaki, Yoshiaki, Yuichiro, Kousuke, Yoshuya, Mana, Ribeka, me and Maika - in front)
We took this quick picture (above), and then me and my dad had to run. Everyone waved at me through the glass until they couldn't see me anymore. Once we got to the gate, though, we had a few minutes so I called Mana on her cellphone and she passed it around so I got to talk to everybody for the last time (in a while).

(above:) me and dad at the airport, wearing our sunglasses. The 2 flights were good. I got to see Pursuit of Happiness. It was a little boring, but I liked the message. So we arrived safe and sound, and I'm trying to adjust to Fillmore, but it's hard.

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