Sunday, May 06, 2007

This Week's Schedule

Sorry about that annoying post yesterday. But you'd rather hear my honest, true feelings, right? Of course right. Daddy cheered me up with a comment and I got a phone-call. I finally came back to my senses and realized how selfish and bratty I was sounding, and scolded myself for acting like a 3-year-old just because I didn't get to go to Golden Conference. I had good times at home this weekend too. Oh, and dad took me to Ikspiari to eat at Monsoon Cafe. Yummy! And I got to buy more make-up at Missha. Make-up and accessories are addicting. You can never have enough.

Zac Efron

Brother Welch, Shizuno, Vilburn, and Miura have been a HuGe help with packing!!! They come over when we need them. Brother Welch finds the "stuff" we forgot to pack and stuffs them into boxes. It makes such a difference with another person there to help. They find the stuff you missed, and intead of going and sitting on the couch, they just go right on to the next thing. We kept thinking the packing was done, but we would find more and more and more. But I think I can officially say that we are 90% done. We need to make a packing list for the movers, pack up a couple more things, and clean. But the Relief Society are coming on Tuesday to clean, after the moving company comes.

Ashley Tisdale

I stayed up really late last night, and I had to wake up earlier than usual because we had to go pick up the people visiting from the Polynesian Culture Center. They did a show at Odaiba, and went home today, but they came to Sacrament Meeting. Lots of them bore their testimonies. Me and dad did too. I need to cure my "speaking in church fear". During the closing song, I started crying because I realized that was the last sacrament meeting I'd go to in Kasai Ward for a long time. Oh, I'll miss you guys so much!!!

Hilary & Haylie Duff

Tomorrow Mana and Ribeka are coming over. Yay! And then there's the temple on Wednesday. And that Friday which I don't know if I dread or welcome, we leave...

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