Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cousins Are Forever and Ever

I have tons more pictures to post!!! You guys are probably tired of me posting so much.
On Saturday, I had a breakdown because I missed Tokyo Stake so much. I had no appetite, and I couldn’t stop crying. I just kept looking at pictures we took, and videos we taped. I was pretty pathetic. But I got lots of emails from the Tokyo Stake youth, and I put up "Feitasu" in our room (It’s a Tokyo Stake inside joke). I eventually calmed down. And 2 of the youth
say they want to come visit me this summer!!! I’ve already started to daydream about what we can do together…oh dear!Sunday was a good Mother’s Day I think. The Mulders surprised us by just coming to Sacrament Meeting and staying for the special dinner. Church was okay. Nobody really talked to me. But I guess I didn’t really talk to anyone either. I’ve been coming to this ward once every year when we come to visit my grandma, so I know everybody pretty well, but it’s weird because this time I’m staying. All the Laurels/Priests gave short talks about their moms, and we passed out flowers to each mom. The youth in this ward aren’t the same as Tokyo Stake, but I feel the same spirit about them. And they have about as much youth in one ward as we do in our whole Tokyo stake!!!


Stephen and Jordan, our 2 cousins that we’ve been playing with since we were born, came. I made the dessert for the Mother’s Day dinner. Stephen helped me. We had so much talking to catch up on. I told them all about Tokyo Stake. And they actually listened! They looked at all our pictures and videos that I had taken on my camera, watched our Youth Conference talent show video, and our Mutual Conference video. And they really liked them!!!

We jumped on the trampoline, taught them "feitasu" (which I vowed to pass it on to the youth in Utah), and we took lots of Tokyo Stake poses. (I wonder how many times I’ve said "Tokyo Stake" in this post?) And I realized that Stephen, Jordan, and their younger brother Caleb are spaced out exactly the same as Shunichiro, Yuichiro, and Kouichiro. That made me happy!!!


Well, of course the fun had to end and they had to go home. But we’ll see them again the last weekend of May, for grandma and grandpa’s last Sunday in Fillmore 3rd Ward before their mission. Me, Tashi, Stephen, and Jordan are going to sing a Janice Kap Perry Song during Sacrament Meeting. I’ll film our practice and post it, okay?

Oh, and my apple crisp (the dessert I made for the dinner) turned out great! And now that I talked to so much about Tokyo Stake to them, I feel relieved and that maybe I can move on just a little bit more!


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