Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back to School

OH MY GOSH! I'm still not completely better from this weird illness that I had. I know I keep saying that I'm better, but then something weird keeps popping up. I know it takes people a long time to get better from some illnesses like the flu or whatever, but this was just a bad cold! It should not take this long to get better! I thought I was better then my sinuses swelled up, and now I have this weird ear-infection type pain in my ear and my legs had these cramps and stuff...I'm telling you, this is weird. Tomorrow I might wake up and look in the mirror and find that I have 2 heads instead of 1...anything can happen with this weird, weird, weird cold thingy. The past 2 nights I've been awake all night like 'til 4 am and then my ear hurts so bad that I have to go take some IBUPROFEN and then I finally fall into a deep sleep and sleep in. I'm really in the mood to have a relaxed, deep sleep tonight.

Anyways, yesterday (the 8th) was a national holiday in Japan (and the last day of winter vacation), so I slept in 'til 10 am (mostly because I couldn't sleep the night before), we got ready, and went to Lalaport. It was SO CROWDED! And it's so huge! There's 1 million stores I sware! By the time we got there it was luch-time, so we went to Wendy's, and I ordered a garden salad but it looked nothing like the picture. The pieces of lettuce had lots of brown areas on them, the tomtatoes were so unripe they were white, and then there were a couple of onion slices and some yucky dressing. And our drinks were like 90% ice, 10% soda...so annoying! But it still fun to sit down as a family and eat at a restaraunt. Interesting picture taken at Wendy's below:

Then I bought some shoes because all the stores at Lalaport were having end-of-the-year sales. They're so cute! They're fake suede, but I don't care, and they're heels that I can wear to church, and they'll match my brown skirt. I'm in love <3.

And then we went to Toys R Us and bought Noah some birthday presents (Mia was there and Mia's so aware of everything that we couldn't buy anything for her yet) and finally, we went to Cold Stone Creamery. I don't know what we were thinking because it's January, but it was still really yummy! I got Apple A La Mode (or something like that) flavor and it was so good - apples, cinnamon, and caramel were mixed in! Yummy!

So, lots of annoying things happened, but we had fun as a family!

Today (the 9th) my dad went back to work, Mia went back to Yochien, and I went back to my schoolwork. I'm kind of sad that winter vacation is over and I spent all of my vacatio sick, but in a way I just got to relax and didn't have to do anything and it's nice t get back into my normal routine.

I had to post this! Mia doing the "Happy Hands Club" dance from Napoleon Dynamite:

And Tashi "moo-ing" Noah:

And after our school-work was done today, me and Tashi went to DisneySea

And Tashi lost her bike key so mom had to come pick us up and drive us home

I hope you're all adjusting to the new year and your new schedules and don't get sick like me!

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