Friday, January 05, 2007

Lots of pictures 2

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I finished reading Alida's Song (see my to-do list). I finished it in less than an hour! And comments, anyone?!

October 27, 2006 from left: Jill, my mom (and Noah), my great grandma Challis, and Micaela (pregnant with Eliza)

Okay, I had to post this picture - taken in 1980 - my dad is 14 years old with his brother Jordan, his sister Natalie, and his other sister Emily. Gina wasn't born yet (she was born when my dad was 16). I luv how my dad looks so geeky! haha
My room!!! It's very cute, but small. I like how I have Japanese sliding doors. All the other bedrooms just have regular doors. And I have 2 windows, so it's really sunny and light. I just wish I had more space! My room is never this clean - I had to clean it forever to get it to look like this. I have lots of quilts that I've made, posters, and your usual junk.

My room looking from my door!

From my door looking to the left

looking from my bed

looking from my bed at a different angle

This is a little quilt I've made that I'm really proud of - it's SO cute!
I hang a mini dream catcher from my light
What do you think?

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